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2013 Winner

This has been a good year for the Global Regatta, which is set up to allow S&S Association Regions to compete. The racing in 2012 is what can qualify for the 2013 the prize, the Challenge Cup.

The qualifying races this year was overnight racing (even if day racing automatically will count if there are no nominations for overnight races), and we had nominations from Finland, UK including Sunstone competing in New Zealand, and from Australia, last year’s winning Region.  

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The winner of the Challenge Cup 2013 Finland in

Inkeri, S&S 6:6 Sloop

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award ceremony in London

The Helsinki-Tallinna Race and Inkeri

Olli Martio writes:

The 20th Helsinki-Tallinna Race started at Helsinki, a pursuit using the LYS handicap system, used in Scandinavian countries, similar to the PHRF system used in the US. The race is about 45nm across the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki to Tallinna, Estonia.

Inkeri is a S&S 30’ sloop, usually called an S.S 6,6 for its IOR rating. Our last Finnish Offshore Championship was from 2002. We had won several championships before that.

I assembled a family crew of my two sons, one of their wives, a 7 year old grandson and my bother. We didn’t start well since I forgot the Race Orders which we had to collect in Helsinki. We made the line for our 19:04:30 start time. A few LYS handicap boats started before us which we were able to pass since the wind was against us and light. Inkeri is a

great upwind boat with North 3D sails and the genoa tracks moved several inches inboard from the original positions. Many of the modern designs had broad sterns, plenty of wetted surface and without a genoa didn’t match our speed and pointing angle.

We had a fair share of luck since the wind kept coming against us but we didn’t tack hoping it would change. It eased and we were able to fetch the Tallinna Light House which was a mark. We finished the next day at 5:32:36, winning our class, LYS 4-6, the next boat in our class finished at 7:08:32; 93 boats finished in the LYS classes.

The race results are available at

This article is an abbreviated version of the full article, published in the 2013 Yearbook