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Quikpoint Azzurro

Simon Torvaldsen
SS34 Association Australia

I had quite a long chat with Shane about Azzurro’s race – it was a major achievement.  They rounded Tasman Island with 9 hours in hand to get the last 35 miles up the Derwent.  They were so far ahead that Paul Clitheroe (Balance) sent some of his crew home as they were sure they were beaten.  The over the last 10 miles the wind dropped out, eventually a complete glass out. Shane said it took over an hour to cover the last 100 metres.

But third IRC is still a great result.  Also winning on ORCi, as you know this is the successor to IMS and a more calculated, scientific formula than IRC.  It is favoured by the larger boats as being more accurate and fairer, and there is a strong push on the east coast to see it replace IRC as the preferred rating system (I would be very happy if they did this).  You should amend your post to say that they won overall on ORCi not just a Divisional win.

Jon sanders got a 3rd overall in 1984 and then Bill Ratcliffe in 1993, both in S&S 34s. and of course the S&S 47 Love and War won in 2006.  We are all very pleased that after almost 50 years, the S&S 34 is still winning major races against the very best multi-million dollar opposition.

Glenn Walters

Bluenose Yachts

I participated in this year's Hobart race and met with the SS34 owner, Shane, before the race.

His SS34 is incredibly well refit and was a contender last year.
She is a beautiful restored S&S 34 and given the conditions the owner and crew deserved kudos for an incredible race, finish and podium finish in his class.

Seriously Azzurro is amazing.

Dorade’s Quest to Repeat her 1931 Transatlantic Race Victory

In late June, one of sailing’s most celebrated yachts will attempt to retrace the steps of her first, and most significant, victory. The 52-foot yawl Dorade, owned by Pam Levy and Matt Brooks (Tiburon, California, USA), will join 40 other boats competing in the Transatlantic Race 2015, which starts off Newport, R.I., and finishes off the southwestern coast of England.

Well, she did not win, but came in as number 2 in the Classics group, less than 15 minutes behind Mariette on corrected time

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