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Terry Sprake and Morning's End, an S&S 34, have covered 30,000 miles together. He bought her in 1987, the year he gave up full-time work to become a consultant. He was 64.

The 30,000 miles have not been clocked up pottering round the Solent or creek crawling up the East Coast. They include a full-blooded North Atlantic circuit of 10,000 miles, taking in Venezuela and Bermuda. On the return leg, non-stop Bermuda to Falmouth, Morning's End was swept by a succession of gales.

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Classic looking yachts never go out of style.

August 2010

Ron & Chris from New Zealand..

Took part in the 2010 AGM in Barcelona. After they returned they wrote:

It was great catching up with you all again.  Thanks for the info updates.  This is a photo of a new boat built in our area.  My brother has met the owner and hopefully he will be a new S&S member soon.   We saw the boat in the shed before she was launched and she is very impressive. 

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“ A gentleman’s sporting carriage”

Yacht & Boat Owner February 1979

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White Gold

Yachting World

May 1992

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