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From the horses mouth

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Sunday 22 May 10:00 – AGM

Two particular items stood out:

1. The winner of the S&S Association Global Regatta 2016, Ron Breault came all the way from the USA to receive the Challenge Cup and the associated certificate. Ron has won the regatta before and he “modestly” explained he was just sailing with his children. However, those two children, a boy and a girl, are adults and are some of USA’s top elite sailors. Still, without a good boat you cannot keep winning, and the 24 ft Marionette is such a good boat.

2. AGM 2017 and 2018

Derek presented the outline programme for the 2017 AGM to be held in Lymington, England, 9 – 11 June. Because Lymington is very sought after this time of the year, it is paramount that you book your accommodation now! Look for the pre-announcement on this website.

For the AGM 2018 Erika suggested Helgoland, which as you all know, is the very small island the British tried to eradicate after WW2. It is quite a bit away from land as you can see from the map.

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