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Annual General Meeting in Lagos, Portugal  Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May, 2016             .

About Lagos

As far as touristy towns go, Lagos (lah-goosh) has got the lot. It lies along the bank of the Rio Bensafrim, with 16th-century walls enclosing the old town’s pretty, cobbled streets and picturesque plazas and churches. Beyond these lies a modern, and not overly unattractive, sprawl. The town’s good restaurants and range of fabulous beaches nearby add to the allure. With every activity under the sun (literally) on offer, plus a pumping nightlife, it’s not surprising that people of all ages are drawn here. In season, with all the crowds and action, the town can feel hectic and claustrophobic. But at the time of year we were there, before the summer season really kicks in, it was heavenly. Aside from its hedonistic appeal, Lagos has historical clout too, having launched many naval excursions during Portugal’s extraordinary Age of Discoveries.

From the horses mouth

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AGM 2016

Event locations

The centre for the Welcome Event and the Gala Dinner was Hotel Tivoli located just 5 minutes’ walk from the historical centre of the city, next to the marina, the beach and seven golf courses! The other recommended hotel was the Marina Club Lagos Resort, also very close to the Marina. The S&S participants used both locations plus berthing on the participating boats.

Hotel Tivoli did an absolutely splendid job delivering many of the key activities: the welcome party, the Gala Dinner and the AGM itself

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What a perfect location with only one down side, the sailing distance for most of the members meant that there was limited representation of our boats. However, the three boats participating made it possible for any attendee, who wanted to, to participate in a leisurely race designed by the local Clube de Vela de Lagos and won by Clive Williams in Shenanigan of Hamble. But there was much, much more to this wonderful weekend.