Sirius NY 32 lost Falmouth Classics  16 - 18 June 2016

Falmouth Classics is a three day rally of classic sailing craft and other traditional vessels, including pilot gigs and motor boats. After three days of racing and parades, the Falmouth Classics 2016 event – sponsored by Tilley Endurables – was a great succes with 177 participating boats from all around the South West and elsewhere in the UK, France and the Netherlands.

The winner of the class over 35 ft.was the well known S&S design, Lulotte.

On third place we have our S&S Association member, Geoff Trebilcock in Sundance.

Sydney -  Hobart Race   December, 2016



 Love & War

Again this year we saw a strong performance by the participating S&S yachts.

The oldest, Landfall, participated first time in 1954.Design 54, LOA 44’, built in 1934 participated in the Sydney Hobart race first time in 1954. This time she made it as #9 in both ORCi Div. 4 and in Corinthian Class.

Love and war, design 2137, LOA 47’, built in 1972 made it as #3 in IRC Div. 4, # 2 in ORCi Div. 4 and #2 in Corinthian

Azzurro, design 1959, LOA 33’ 6”, built 1981 made it as #2 in IRC Div. 4, #1 in ORCi Div. 4 and #3 in Corinthian.

… and in 2017 we expect to see Dorade competing in the Sydney Hobart race skippered by Matt Brooks.