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The Association is a worldwide club of owners of sailing and motor crafts designed by the New York naval architects, Sparkman & Stephens Inc. It was formed in England at the Cowes Classics Rally of 1993 by four devoted owners of S&S designed cruiser-racers, but it quickly expanded to encompass owners of sailing craft of S&S design in many countries.

The members share a love for the fast, sea-worthy and beautiful yachts created by Sparkman & Stephens. The S&S Association benefits greatly from a very strong relationship with Sparkman & Stephens Inc. in New York who actively encourage and support our activities.
David Olley
The Classic Channel Regatta
S&S  yachts 10% of enrolments
What a weekend!

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Sydney Hobart Race

December 2014

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Laying up supper
14 - 15 November,  2014
Laying Up Supper 2014

AGM 3 - 7 July, 2015
Svendborg, Denmark